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The perfect addition to any morning routine! Modern ceramic mug, with 13oz of space for your favorite beverage. Includes a matte finish with clay bottom accent.


We recommend hand-wash only!




It's a common scenario – individuals commit, train, and transform themselves to conquer the "Holy Grail" of distance running: the Marathon. Yet, once they cross the finish line, they check that box, and for many, it becomes a conclusion rather than a continuation. Once that finish line is crossed, it's not uncommon for individuals to declare victory, and return to the comforts of modern living, perhaps without exploring what else lies beyond.


The notion isn't to diminish your achievement; it's an invitation to embrace the ongoing journey of self-discovery and pushing your personal limits. While the marathon is undoubtedly a commendable starting point, it's crucial not to let it become your finish line. Instead, view it as a catalyst for a journey of ongoing self-discovery and personal growth. After all, “Marathons are for Quitters” is only true if you choose to stop there.


So, what's next for you? Where does the journey lead from here? How far can you truly push the limits of your body and mind? It's not about abandoning your achievements but about embracing the idea that you’ve only scratched the surface.

13oz Ceramic Mug

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