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PROCESS: Mountain Runner Graphic

When it came time to put graphite to paper, the vision for this design was simple to see. For as long as I can remember, I always considered trail runners to be a rebellious type. They were saying "the roads aren't hard enough." Of course, trail running is for everyone and I love that. It give us an opportunity to escape and be away from the world around us.

We all have our ideas of what a trail runner looks like. For me, it only made sense to create a figure that embodied the lifestyle and free spirit that comes with trail running. Bombing downhills, hair in the wind, and not a care in the world. Our team has always discussed this subject of what a "mountain runner" symbolizes and taking the steps to create this design provided the opportunity to have a little fun and not take it too serious. Trail running keeps us alive, it keeps us sane.

Now more than ever, time spent on the trails will allow us to escape the chaos that's happening in the world. It's time to visualize your version of a trail runner and chase it!

By: Trey (Artist/Graphic Designer)

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